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Please forgive my bad artwork *Bows*

And all copyrights to, the place where I cosplay online pretty much 24/7.


I simply adore the pwnseom-looking fan art of those who have the same fandoms as me! ^_^


Call me Gin
Artist | Student | Other
United States

B-day: September 9th

Zodiac: Water monkey (Chinese), Virgo (Greek/Western)

Blood type: O+

Likes: Cats, lots of stuff from Japan, purple, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Okami, sleeping, cup ramen, sweets

Dislikes: Loud barking, the Twilight series, jerks, noobs, great cold or heat, asparagus, green beans

Abilities: Singing, memorizing some stuff with some ease, speed reading, speaking some Japanese words

Other: I have Asperger's Syndrome, so be nice please (otherwise you've made a horrid enemy) ^^

Favourite genre of music: Rock or pop
Favourite style of art: Anime style
Operating System: Macintosh
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Favourite cartoon character: Many
Personal Quote: "It's never too late to be prepared early"

And now, some awesome people that y'all should love on~! (Done in no particular order)
axel-is-a-pyro: My longest friend ever~! We met on Neopets and have been stuck together like glue since. :heart:
Johnny-Spectre: My big brother figure, as I have no real brother to call my own. He's basically the only male I've come across who knows what I'm talking about and be able to follow along.
That-Fluffy-Aron: My Pokemon/Zelda obsessed British bud~! She's also really good at pixel dolls, when her commissions are up you should go and TOTALLY hire her!
Leah-of-Hyrule: She's a great friend who's like a loyal puppy with the randomness of a kitten. She's lovable!
Twilit-Roses: My Gothic Loli friend. She's epic, fun, really smart, and you should be scared of her because she WILL hunt you down and WILL do terrible things to you if you mess with her and/or anyone she cares about.
KissedAWookie: She's a talented role player, artist, and good friend. She's been drawing some Pokemon recently and she's really good at it!
That-Adorable-Cat: He's my pet kitty~! There's a looooooong story behind that, but whatever. He's my pet kitty so NYEH!
ComputerDragon: Two words: awesome incarnate.
5LinksLover: She's crazy, sweet, and a Pewdie fan girl. She also makes cute arts~.
arolo: She's like a big sister! And she has really, really awesome art! Especially the tigers and the bunnies!
fightking: He's like a little brother. A crazy, imaginative little brother. I get dragged on adventures with him a lot.
hotjohnimus: Next to Fightking, he's my other little brother. I also get dragged on adventures with him too.
MissGhirahim: She makes lotta Vaati art. and I mean a LOT of Vaati art.
Jadey-The-Shadow: She makes lots of Vaati art too. She can make Vaati VERY scary looking!

So...much...listed...don't feel offended if you're a friend and not on there! ^^;

Thank You... by jennyleigh
Even though I don't feel worthy of said things mentioned in the stamp.
J.A.F.A.X that is. All wrapped up and done for another year. Pictures coming soon, with more to come (hopefully!) from the cameras from my friends. I'm also borrowing my dad's super duper nice camera next year since I had forgotten which camera was the bad one from last year and...long story short, not the best and I even lost some because they didn't even show up! :iconotlplz:

Okay! So my 2 friends, my sister, my dad and I got there and I had a tiny fan girl moment when I saw a Len Kagamine cosplayer. Took a photo (which was one of the ones that DIDN'T show up) and actually went inside the building! It seemed less...crowded compared to the other years. Lots of Homestuck, especially of...Dave. I think his name is Dave? Dave's the one with the black sunglasses, shirt with red sleeves and blonde, right? I'll probably be yelled at later about this. The year this theme was gaming, including table top games like Magic: The Gathering and the such but we didn't sit and watch those. I have no idea how to do any other RP-based table top game other than a system of D&D my folks are making, so just sitting and watching would be less fun. Speaking of games, apparently the original theme for "Ben 10" is a DDR song, go fig.

I also saw RokuAku-senpai again~! I thought I had missed her and kept missing her, but just as I was about to give up hope we crossed paths! She was Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II (and Dream Drop Distance) in the Organization XIII cloak. I got a picture with her, but it was ALSO one of the pictures that suffered and didn't come out right. I GOT TO HOLD HER KINGDOM KEY KEYBLADE THOUGH. If you're reading this senpai, I'm sorry if my squeeing hurt your ears! ^^;

Oh anime con shopping, you make Renaissance Faires look like thrift stores. I should know, I've been to Faires longer! I actually mamaged to get pocky this year though, so I'm happy with that. I also got myself a brand new wallet - still keeping with the Zelda theme! It's some an inaccuracy though, since Link's picture is where the Triforce of Power is located (top) while Ganondorf is where the Triforce of Courage is (right). It also used Super Smash Brothers Brawl artwork for all 3 of them (oh yes, I can tell) and has the Triforce on the back with the Hyrulian Crest wings and the Sage Medallion marks on the back. It's also bigger than my previous ones, so putting cash in shouldn't be as awkward anymore, woo!
THEY. HAD. KAMEN RIDER GAIM AND WIZARD IN HIS FIRE DRAGON FORM. I know only a select few will understand why I'd geek over that, BUT THEY WERE GLORIOUS, BUT I COULDN'T BUY THEM!!!!! Also, crying over expensive Zelda items = hugs from sympathetic cosplayers. I was geeking/freaking/kinda crying over this Zelda box set (which was in a box that actually looked like a chest in the games!) that was $112 (AND THAT'S REDUCED PRICE) and I got hugged by some people as they geeked/freaked with me.

And to finish the day, I went to a panel about making...KIMONOS! They are a lot more complex than one realizes in the creation department, so any rules and multiplying by numbers to make it the right size. Fun fact: the outfits the shinigami in Bleach are incorrect for the guys, their sleeve designs are actually meant for girls. So all the male characters who reap souls are actually cross-dressing, have fun ever trying to see the series the same way again!

And that was my day. I'M SO TIRED. :iconsweatdropplz:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Whatever's on my iTouch
  • Reading: Hyrule Historia
  • Watching: Whatever
  • Playing: Facebook games (Wii's busted, no Skyward)
  • Eating: Whatever
  • Drinking: Whatever

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